Glow With Us® is the superior registered brand of glow necklaces in U.S. market. 22″ glow sticks come with 50 pieces in a tube and connectors are PRE-ATTACHED, which makes a big difference for the easiness of assembly, compared with glow necklaces with connectors included in a separate bag. They come as long and slim glow sticks and when you are ready to activate them, just bend a glow necklace stick into a circle and put one end into the connector that is pre-attached to the other end to make a loop. You can also connect many glow necklace sticks into a long rope and more. Our glow necklaces are freshly made with high quality standards and glow for at least 8-12 hours. They are used in all sorts of parties and celebrations where they bring cool light and fun to the crowd. Since shelf life is 1 year, it’s a good idea to buy glow sticks bulk with wholesaler pricing for multiple events and save in product cost. All you need to do for proper storage is to put them in a cool location without direct sunlight. Glow sticks are non-toxic and non-flammable. Users should avoid cutting the glow sticks open but in case the glow liquid gets into contact with clothing or skin, it can be washed off with wash soapy water.

Product Features

  • Only products sold by Glow With Us and fulfilled by Amazon Prime will exactly match product quality, features, pictures and customer reviews on this page. Products sold by any other sellers including overseas sellers are NOT Glow With Us branded products and do not match the product details on this page.
  • Order comes with 100 22″ 6mm Dia. assorted glow necklaces plus FREE 100 8″ assorted glow bracelets bonus. PLEASE OPEN BOTH ENDS OF THE BRACELETS TUBE TO FIND THE BAG OF BRACELETS CONNECTORS MORE EASILY.
  • Pre-assorted five bright colors (red, green, blue, yellow, orange) in each tube of glow necklaces and glow bracelets. Please note as the nature of all glow products, blue glow sticks look clear, orange glow sticks appear red and green sticks look yellow before they are activated. Their bright real colors will only appear once the they are activated! Necklaces are packed 50 pieces in each tube and bracelets are packed 100 pieces in each tube.
  • Connectors PRE-ATTACHED for the necklaces! This feature makes a huge difference for the easiness of assembly and shortens assembly time for large quantity. Connectors of bracelets are in a small bag and placed in the tube. Supreme quality, long shelf life of 1-2 years, glow 12-14 hours; no dud, no leaking; Non-toxic, non-flammable; CPSIA Compliant
  • Fun for all kinds of night time parties and events, like July 4th, summer festivals, dancing parties, school events, fundraising, cruises, wedding, Halloween and more.