The LEDs glow in different colors and a different speeds. Visible during the day and bright in the night Each glove has 6 different light up modes. We don’t consider “off” to be a mode Light up modes include: fast flash, slow flash, continuous flash settings Change the flash and setting by a button on the wrist The glove wrist is stretchable The gloves are made of polyester which allow for you hands to breathe

Product Features

  • Remove the plastic slip inside the battery to get them to function. Featured by We Pay Your Sales Tax
  • Measurements: 8.3″ (L). Middle Finger Length: 3″ Palm Width: 3~3.2″ Material: 95% Acrylic Fibers
  • Light colors are Red, Blue, and Green
  • We are a USA seller: You’ll receive this in a few days rather than months.
  • The 8 gloves are not washable. Batteries are included.