Do you want to be the star on the stage? Do you want to be the focus in the pub?
Our sound control LED glasses will make you become the focus one on the stage or in the pub or wherever. Everyone will be able to see the music in your eyes as these glasses light up to the beat of the music! It can make you become the coolest person.
The glasses are safe and convenient to use which is very popular among young people. Take actions to experience the cool feeling!
LED musical shades automatically adjust the audio sensor according to the volume of the surrounding.

Quantity: 1 Piece
Switch type: ON/OFF Button
Packaging: PE bag
Function: Solid on, Strobe, Sound control, Off function, the LED will flash with the music rhythm
Gender: Unisex

Product Features

  • ✔ 12 High Quality LED lights: Your glasses will light up to the beat of the music, offer the most vivid and consistent experience. Catch everyone’s eyes. Fashionable and beautiful.
  • ✔ Light weight, comfortable wearing.
  • ✔ Long Lasting, Auto Rechargeable: USB replaceable, very convenient. The lithium lon batteries will last up to 12 hours for a single charge.
  • ✔ Volume sensing technology automatically calibrates, from concert volumes to conversation volumes.
  • ✔ Widely used at Disco, bar, clubbing, party, entertainment venues, holidays and festivals, which can increase the festive atmosphere.