Size:.20 g Bottles(12)

◆This is Self-Luminous Paint that comes with everything you need for a fun and awesome time!

◆Whether you’re going out for a night on the town, throwing an awesome Day of the Dead party, Midnight rave runs, or just looking to light up your next Halloween celebration, then this set is the way to go.

◆Each pack contains 12 different, brightly glowing colors(Golden,Purple,Yellow-green,Orange-yellow,Red,Blue,Yellow,Sky-blueOrange, & Purple in 20 g bottles)We highly advise using this paint under “true” black light instead of UV LED light for the best effect.

◆Paint can be applied to many surfaces which include your body & face (although its not recommended for use on the skin around your eyes), clothes(painting over fabric may cause stains), paper, wood, etc. This paint is perfect for night clubs, EDM music festivals, raves, concerts, blacklight parties, Halloween, or any event that has UV Blacklight Lighting. 

◆This paint washes off skin easily, is safe, non toxic.


The paint is most commonly applied by fingers, but it can also be applied with brushes, sponges, or airbrushes. There are no limits!

Product Features

  • This neon body paint is the perfect accessory to spice up your next party, festival, photo shoot, or night-out. For both amateurs and professionals. Great activity for party and carnivals! Enjoying the masquerading fun!
  • What You Get: Product comes complete with 12 bottles – 0.7ounce per color. Total weight is 8.4ounce. 12 Bright colors are: Golden, Purple, Yellow-green, Green , Pink, Blue-green, Orange-yellow, Red,, Blue, Yellow, Sky-blue, Orange.
  • Hight Quality: Body paint is safe and Non-Toxic.Use this body paint under black light or ultraviolet light and be amazed by the intense neon glow. Become the life of the party, stand out from the crowd.
  • Easily Removable: Easy on, Easy off. No need to worry about clothes or furniture. This paint can even easily be removed from fabrics with only soap and water, perfect for the next day clean up.
  • We Also Offer: 100% money back guarantee! Long term friendly customer service.