kandi mask

Look super cool on your next night out with your partner or boyfriend. these colorful kandi masks come in a wide range of colors designs and textures. If you wear a kandi mask you will certainly turn heads and get noticed at your next rave or night out clubbing. these masks are great fun and are ideal for hen party’s or any kind of party or fun occasion for that matter.

If you are a fun loving individual that like to be a little bit different from everyone else and like to have fun then you cant go wrong with a kandi mask. not only are they fun, but they are extremely comfortable to wear even over long periods of time.

Be the envy of your mates, get your hands on one of these fun party accessories right now while stocks last, they are selling fast and we don’t want you to be disappointed. all our masks are made from only the finest materials and crafted to a very high  standard. if there is any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, then don’t hesitate to contact us straight away. Most of all have fun.


Kandi Mask Features

These kandi Masks are made exclusively world renowned Kandigear, who are a very trusted. Their infamous masks are often duplicated but never live up to the same quality as the originals made by Kandigear. all masks are made in the USA. Remember spread the love with your friends, one bead at a time.