Green light and white shoelace is brighter.
Because luminous shoelace has join a special luminous material inside, so the laces will feel a little harder than ordinary shoelaces.
Washing: do not use chemicals, you can wash more than 1000 times, it still have fluorescent.
Usage: Decentralization under the best sun or bright light for 5-10 minutes, let it fully absorb light then it will issued luminous in the dark.
Material: Nylon
Color: Pink, Green, Light Green, Yellow, White, Blue
Length: Approx. 120cm

Package Included:
6 Pair Shoelace

Product Features

  • The Shoelaces Are Suitable for Any Kinds of Shoes, Including Running Shoes, Boots, Skate And So On.
  • Awesome And Eyes-catching! Great for Parties, Night jogging, Safety And All Kinds Activity In The Night Time!
  • Great Color And High Quality, It’s Popular for The Kid’s Shoes
  • Show Your Own Style And To Be The Focus
  • Six Colors with Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green, Light Green, White