The Avalanche inflatable climbing mountain/water slide comes combined with the Katapult launcher to give you the most aquatic fun possible in one product! Ideal for residential and commercial waterfronts, this commercial-grade product will hold up to hours of rugged play. The inflatable mountain features 30 climbing handles total on both sides, as well as a slick watersliding surface. The Katapult will send you flying through the air and into the water with a huge splash! Required Water Depth: 9′. Capacity: 3 children or adults, 675 lbs. max weight. 4 Halkey Roberts inflation valves. 5 anchor points

Product Features

  • 30 easy-grip handles
  • Commercial grade reinforced PVC
  • 4 Halkey Roberts inflation valves
  • 298″ x 84″ x 72″
  • Inflated Size: 298″ x 84″ x 72″