Are you in search for that little “something” to differentiate yourself from your crew while driving the highways? Looking for some protection for your face while screaming down the slopes on your skis, snowboard, or sled? Interested in intimidating your opponents on the paintball field? Well look no further than the Biker Booyah Skeleton Face Mask!

Comfortable to wear in all weather environments, you’ll be sure to turn some heads! Constructed from one full piece of breathable material, there are no zippers, buttons, or velcro to fiddle with when you are putting it on. It’s a perfect fit!

Multifunctional use allows you to enjoy the Biker Booyah Skeleton Face Mask in many different environments. Use it for winter play, yard work, kids playing dress up, even during those paintball matches.

Easy to clean and care for. Simply wash and air dry with no need for the iron!

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Product Features

  • LOOK THE PART ✔ Are you wanting to look like the bad biker you are? Then the Biker Booyah Skeleton Face Mask is a must have! Made from quality material, the skeleton mask will have all the other vehicles getting out of your way as you drive down the highway and own the road!
  • LIGHT WEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE ✔ The Biker Booyah Skeleton Face Mask is extremely comfortable to wear, in all types of weather environments. Constructed from lightweight material, it is sure not to feel heavy nor cumbersome on your face and you will find the breathability of the material is second to none!
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL USE ✔ As cool as you’ll look trekking down the highway, the Biker Booyah Skeleton Face Mask offers loads of versatility! It can be used in snow sports such as skiing and snowboarding. Use it while mowing the lawn to prevent breathing in dust and yard debris. Watch your opponents run in fear while wearing during your next paintball match. And so many more!
  • EASY TO CARE FOR ✔ Simply wash it with like colors and line dry, the Biker Booyah Skeleton Face Mask is extremely durable and will last for years to come. Make sure to air dry and resist the temptation of ironing those “boney wrinkles” out.
  • 100% LIFETIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ✔ We stand behind our product and offer a 100%, lifetime money back guarantee for the lifetime of the Biker Booyah Skeleton Face Mask.