Don’t feel like customizing your own orbit? No problem! With our Team Vivid designed orbits, you can start orbiting right out of the package!

We are OrbitLightShow the Official and #1 Leader in Glove Sets and Orbits! Accept no imitations. All hand assembled in Orange County, California, USA!

The 4-Light Rainbow Orbit is our most popular orbit. This is a true classic and was the first orbit we have ever created! And it is still the single most popular orbit configuration we have!

This orbit will produce a variety of countless colors, dashes, and dots as it shifts from one color to the next at a very fast interval. We are using our very own RGB Fast Rainbow Ultra Bright Tearz microlights.

Comes completely assembled with our patent pending 4-Light OrbitAdapter

In this package, we give you 2 pieces of extra long 2mm satin cord so that you can adjust or cut it to your specific arm length.

We also give you one extra free Tri-Color Keychain light as a gift! =)

Product Features

  • Official Orbit
  • 4-Light OrbitAdapter Connector (Patent Pending)
  • Lifetime Warranty on OrbitAdapter
  • Ultra Bright RGB Dual Rainbow LEDs
  • Extra long 2mm Satin Cord (can be cut to any length)