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– Once dry, it’s nearly invisible on lighter surfaces, but turn out the lights and BOY DOES IT GLOW!

– It’s water based so it will clean up easily with soap and water if spilled.

– The paint is non-toxic and totally safe.

What separates us from the competition?

Well it’s simple really. Astro Glow is made from the Highest Grade Pigments for Glow in the Dark Paints. This is a premium paint.

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Product Features

  • Extremely Bright Long Lasting Glow! If charged with a bright light it will glow ALL NIGHT and will continue to recharge over and over again. No need for expensive black lights.
  • Paint dries virtually clear and is nearly invisible on light colored surfaces. You won’t even know it’s there!
  • Adheres well to plastic, wood, metal and fabric making it great for all projects including fishing lures, starscapes on ceilings, signs, & whatever else you want to make glow
  • Completely non-toxic water based acrylic paint. It’s safe and spilled paint cleans up with water.
  • Order now with complete peace of mind due to our 100% money back guarantee!