Do you want to be the lit-up life of the party? As long as you wear this luminescent mask,you will be seen and noticed at any event!

Following principles of green manufacturing,we developed this light-up mask using luminescent material.The mask is simply dazzling.Mask is attached to a lightweight power inverter that can be placed in your pocket or clipped to clothing.Manual controls are:Constant On,Slow Blink,Fast Blink,and Off.

Perfect for any dress-up occasion:Halloween,Costume Parties,Masquerades,Mardi Gras,Raves,Festivals,Carnivals,Gifts,and more.

This light-up mask has 8 invention patents in China.We are independently owned and the first manufacturer entirely focused on EL manufacturing.We have extensive experiences to meet customer demand.If you like unique new products,please see the other items in our store: exclusive shirts,ties,and more new products!


To change mask display modes:first press button to power on,second press sets mask to constant on,third press sets mask to slow blink,fourth press powers the mask off

Power supply:Requires two AA batteries (included)

Mask material:comfortable PET (a form of polyester)

Mask size:20cm x 7cm / 7.8 inches x 2.7 inches

Mask elastic straps:40-90cm / 15-17 inches

Power cable to control box:130cm / 51 inches


EL Mask*1

Power inverter*1

Product Features

  • Utilizes electroluminescent (EL) wires, lighting up the mask but not hurting your eyes
  • Light options: Constant On, Slow Blink, Fast Blink
  • Power inverter can be placed in your pocket or clipped to clothing
  • Perfect for Halloween, Costume Parties, Masquerades, Mardi Gras, and more
  • Runs on two AA batteries (included)