Bubbles guns are becoming more and more popular throughout the rave scene. So fun and playful and with this bubble gun you can even see them in the dark!! Battery operated, this new and improved model shoots out more bubbles with fewer pulls of the trigger. Fun for day or night, a powerful blue LED light lights up the bubbles are they leave the gun.

Please Note: When first using the bubble gun you will need to attach the solution and pull the trigger until the bubbles start coming out so that the solution can travel throughout the bubble gun and coat the opening.

Although the solution is not harmful and easy to clean up we recommend adults or adult supervision when using this product. Turning it upside down will cause the solution to leak out.

Do not throw away the bubble canister that comes with the bubble gun, it is smaller than the ones you can buy at the store and will need to refill it. Any bubbles you can find at toy/novelty stores will work just fine!

Uses 3 AAA Batteries.

Product Features

  • Bubble Gun Shoots continous stream of bubbles with ever pull of the trigger
  • powerful Blue LED light lights up the stream of bubbles
  • Perfect for Parties, Concerts, Gifts, Raves, Everything!!!
  • Solution is not harmful and easy to clean up but Adult Supervision is recommended
  • Uses 3 AAA batteries