This Finger Laser Lights come with 4 colors: blue, green, white and red.

Special design which is great for Christmas or other festival days, bring much fun for you in party.

LED Laser Finger design with elastic strap so that attach to fingers, easy to use.

Color Laser Finger is great gift for kid, quite eye-catching in dark.

Product Features

  • LOVELY ELF FOR YOU- the 40 most popular lights in a box(white, green, red, blue) create a happy atmosphere to the evening party.
  • ULTRA LONG TIME WORKING& SUPER BRIGHT- We guarantee that every little SUPER BRIGHT light will work continuously over 12 hours, accompany you to the end of the party!
  • EASY TO USE- Rubber Straps to fit Fingers, Pens, Pencils, Tools, and bring a vibrant atmosphere to your brithday, parties,night activities and so on!
  • PROFESSIONAL MANUFACTURE: Cade electronic Company authorizes the professional factory of customization!
  • 8 ADDITIONAL LIGHTS AS GIFT TO YOU- OVERALL you can get 48 pcs, and we appreciate that you will love the 8 extra gifts.