This 11-foot string contains 30 incredibly brilliant microlight LEDs in blue, red, and yellowish green, similar to the ones on the popular photon microlights. This wire is extremely versatile, just like our Technoflash EL Wires. Wear it as a costuming effect, play with in between your hands, twirl it around with a friend, or actually use it like Christmas lights for the brightest holiday display you’ve ever seen! We brought a Galactic Light Wire to a major dance party recently, and EVERYONE basically freaked out and said it was absolutely the coolest, craziest light toy they have ever seen! Just grab 2 ends of the wire in your hand and you will create mindblowing light patterns as you move around. Twist and twirl it above your head and put on the performance of your life that be remembered by everyone at the club. Even better, two of our staffers each grabbed an end and twirled the wire like a giant jumprope, creating a HUGE tunnel of light that looked straight out of a sci-fi movie. Club kids came running up wanting to jump rope through the wire. We have never seen a club toy that can get everyone at even a major underground dance party to stop and form a circle to watch the toy in action, even if it is your first time playing with it. Somehow, the natural motion and flow of the string as you twist and twirl it about looks like spectacular performance art even if you have no skills. This is easily our favorite club toy of the year! Our only warning is that like any wire toy, excessively heavy play may damage the wire connections. Although the wire is highly flexible, we do not recommend forceful twists or jerking motions. Power pack uses 3 replaceable AA batteries (not included).