Our LED Bangle Earrings are great for all occasions! To activate, screw the cap of the earring. These earrings have a diameter of 14mm. Batteries: 2, AG7. Replaceable, included and installed. Sold 6 per pack.

The multicolor electronic LED flash earring is custom made by Cofufu, and Cofufu is an exclusive Brand owned by Cofufu. If any other questions, please contact with Cofufu.

Product Features

  • SoLuck 6PCS LED Fade Earrings, Super bright and stylish
  • Replace batteries ( 2*AG7 ), lasts over 10 hours
  • Multicolor Flashing Barette (Multicolors : Red, Blue) , Rave Party Hand Accessories
  • Clip-on, No pierced
  • Fragile, don’t drop