The most advanced Smart Hoop on the market. This Smart Hoop is great for festivals, performances, events, hoop jams and more! Easily programmable and ready for customization, this hoop holds 200 pre-made patterns for endless possibilities. With the ability to hold thousands of patterns, you can create and design a unique look for your hoop. The Phoenix comes lightly sanded on the inside with 3/4?OD PolyPro tubing. This hoop collapses easily for travel and is made and tested in the USA.

Product Features

  • Every hoop is made and tested in the USA
  • Number of LEDs: 31″ = 146, 33″ = 155, 35″ = 165
  • Extremely lightweight. Approx. 10oz (31?) 11oz (33?) and 12oz (35?) with 3/4?OD tubing
  • 3/4″ OD PolyPro Tubing
  • Extremely durable