Giving a Light Show is about building a connection with your audience and expressing yourself through kinetic movement. Glovers have the ability to perform a hand-focused dance by creating streaks and patterns of lights to mesmerize the viewer. In those few moments your hands become an extension of your emotions and the instrument to tell your personal story. The illusion of the art is the mastery of manipulating light and turning darkness into your canvas. Your glove set represents your personality and the modes and colors you choose are just as important as the moves you string together. Great for all ages, gloving combines optical illusion and rhythm allowing the performer to create mind-blowing performances.

When designing this glove set, EmazingLights had you in mind. We set out to create an easy-to-use, customizable and affordable microlight. The eZLite microchip comes ready to go and is perfect for glovers who are looking for color customization, without the extra hassle of having to set up multiple modes. It features 20 bold customizable colors, and 3 awesome modes allowing you to melt faces your way! This affordable glove set also allows you to create 3-Color, 2-Color, and 1-Color strobe combinations, giving you FULL power in your lightshow. Whether you’re a beginner or just a glover looking to have an eZ way to customize your gloves, the eZLite Glove Set is perfect for you.

Product Features

  • Check out our super cool Light Show video on the left of the main image! Also featured on ABC’s Shark Tank!
  • Package contains: (10) Microlights, (20) 1620 Batteries, Premuim LEDs, Diffusers, White Emazing Magic Stretch Gloves, and a Protective Light Tray
  • This set is great for beginners. It features 20 different colors with 3 different modes allowing you to create different patterns!
  • Upgraded eLite 4.0 casings (rubberized bottoms & smallest microlight available)! Compatible with 1616 and 1620 batteries (replaceable).
  • To set up your glove set, push each microlight to the end of each fingertip of your white gloves and use the eZ to click button in the light to turn it ON/OFF! While on, hold the button until the light turns off to turn it off, continue holding the button to cycle through and select your modes. While off, hold until you see 10 orange flashes to program and select your colors!