The Etekcity Glowsticks are ideal for adding excitement to any event. Experience the different bright colors for a night of multi-colored fun. One package will contain 100 Glowsticks of 5 vibrant colors. You can create super bright glowing belts, bracelets and necklaces in different sizes with the help of the included resuable connectors. The Glowsticks are quite eye-catching and can last up to 10 hours for a full night of excitement. They also have a long shelf life to be used for multiple events.


Includes both sticks and connectors (in either end of the tube) to offer a variety of sizes

Fantastic for night parties, clubs, and events for both adults and children

Available in a variety of bright and vibrant colors: Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, & Red

Bend and Shake for a glow that will last up to 10 hours for extended use

Glowsticks are of premium quality, non-toxic, and safe for children

Note: To prevent damaging the glowsticks, do not overbend, fold, or abuse during use. It is recommended not to bend glowsticks past a 60 degree angle.

Package Contents

1 X One Tube of 100 Etekcity Glowsticks

1 X 100 Connectors

Product Features

  • VARIOUS COLORS: Dazzle the night with an assortment of vibrant colors including: Yellow, Red, Pink, Blue and Green
  • LONG LASTING TIME: Bend and shake for a bright and brilliant glow that will last up to 10 hours for extended use
  • EASY CONNECTION: With the included connectors, easily create an array of bracelets and necklaces in your favorite colors; Fantastic for any festive occasion for both adults and children including birthday parties, clubbing, photo sessions, and weddings
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Bend without breaking down. non-toxic and safe for children
  • LONG STORAGE TIME: Long shelf life for bulk storage for up to 6 months