Microlight Breakdown:
– Thumb 1: Turquoise Ribbon
– Thumb 2: Blue Ribbon
– Index Fingers: Blue, White, Green 3-Color Strobe
– Middle Fingers: Purple, White, Green 3-Color Strobe
– Ring Fingers: Turquoise Strobe
– Pinky Fingers: Blue, White, Green 3-Color Strobe

With GloFX Team Glove Sets, we do all the hard work for you. No confusion- just quality ready to use LED Gloves! Each GloFX Team Glove Set is hand chosen and assembled by our professional glovers. All sets are tested and guaranteed to blow your mind right out of the package!

Product Features

  • GloFX Team “Spearmint” Glove Set
  • Includes (2) Two Gloves with LED Finger Tips
  • 10 GloFX Microlights
  • Includes 10 Closed Diffusers
  • Batteries Included (Replaceable)