These Glow in the Dark Gloves are perfect for parties and raves, but are also intended for sign-language users to use at night! Simply expose them to bright light for 20 minutes or more and watch them glow bright green in the dark. Using the latest photo-luminescent materials, they can be used again and again and last up to 2 hours per charge! Glowing continuously under UV light, these Glow in the Dark Gloves are a great addition to club wear. ‘Big Fish, Little Fish and Cardboard Box your way through the night with glowing hands! Ideal for Halloween, Bonfire Night and night time wonders, make yourself seen with this fantastic pair of Glow in the Dark Gloves.

Product Features

  • Glow in the dark and under blacklights
  • Can stretch to fit Kids and adults
  • Wear to clubs and raves
  • Great for concerts and Parties