It’s a dance party every night with a sound-activated LED panel! Whether you’re looking to show your love for bass, hemp, skeletons, or America, you can choose from a wide selection of different light-up panels to suit your specific tastes. Each panel comes with a sensor module that can be easily affixed to your wall or desk, or even pocketed, as the LED Panel is the ideal accessory to light up that boring old solid-color shirt you were planning on wearing to your next big rave. No need to leave the squares at home; light up your life with an excellent flashing LED panel.

Product Features

  • Sound-activated LED panel will light up your nightlife | Select from a variety of eye-catching graphics and patterns
  • Panels come with adhesive to adhere to most surfaces
  • Sensor module can be adjusted to varying levels of sensitivity and can be switched on/off
  • LED Panels vary in shape and size but are small enough to light up any shirt | Sensor module cable is ~21 in (~53 cm)
  • Package Contents: 1 x LED Panel, 1 x Sensor Module