Admit it; you’re a flirt, and you love your outfits to reflect your outgoing personality. What better to highlight your assets than a pair of tight-fitting, thigh-high nylon socks? Whether black or white, these high-quality stocking socks are the ideal accessory to your favorite short skirt, or something to keep your warm when layered with your hottest pair of pants. Depending on your outfit, you could wear these stockings at thigh-level, or bunch them up around your legs to rock the legwarmer look. Either way, these socks are sure to draw the eyes down and make you the highlight of everyone’s evening.

Product Features

  • High-quality thigh-high stockings provide cute style for any wardrobe
  • Knit hosiery offers warmth and breathability
  • Stretchy nylon-spandex blend is durable and comfortable
  • Choose from a variety of colors
  • Length: 34 in (87 cm)