Light up the night with Electric Styles new Light up Glasses Our Glasses: Our glasses come with a black frame and clear lens so they are perfect for those wild night parties. The Glow: Electric Styles is the #1 light up clothing company in the world for a reason! We know what we are doing and our customers know it to! We are able to carry a huge line of light up clothing because we use the best, brightest, most durable El Wire on the market. The Battery pack: Our battery pack uses 2AA batteries. There is a 4ft wire coming out of the back of the glasses so you can keep the battery pack in your pocket or clip it to you belt with the belt clip on the pack. This is an ABSOLUTE MUST! I have done a lot of experimenting with other battery packs. I found that the so called wireless glasses with the 2 watch batteries last only 15-30minutes before the batteries need changed. We actually gave these away a few months back because the quality of the pack was so poor. The quality: I served in the Navy for 6 years doing electronics on jet aircraft. Rest assured I know how to solder and the electronics in your glasses will be the most durable of any el wire glasses on the market. The Peace of Mind: We offer a 30 day warranty on all our product. If for any reason your glasses break under normal usage, we will replace them within 30 days. Thank you for checking out our Glasses! If you like these be sure to check out our Etsy store to see all our amazing light up products from light up hoodies, bras, ties, and more!

Product Features

  • Our glasses come with a black frame and clear lens so they are perfect for night time.
  • Our 3-mode battery pack uses 2AA batteries, giving you 8-24 hours of light per set of batteries!
  • The side of the glasses have an Electric Styles logo, which means it comes with our 60 day warranty.
  • The battery pack can be put inside your pocket or clipped to your pants/shorts.
  • Don’t buy cheap knockoffs that use 2 watch batteries. They often only last 15 minutes before dying!