LED Party Lights and Speaker Sound System Bundle

Light Up Your Surroundings
With the MOVE L3D, Mood Light and BassPULSE, you can turn a dark room into a mesmerizing light show. The MOVE L3D and Mood Light transition between many colors, grabbing your attention instantly. Additionally, the Mood Light has multiple settings including strobe, flash, fade and smooth that switch between 256 different colors. For a pulsing effect to the music, turn the bass past 80% on the BassPULSE or click the LED button on the MOVE L3D. Use each product individually or use them together for the ultimate party lighting system!

Dance to the Music!
In addition to lighting, the MOVE L3D and the BassPULSE provide excellent sound systems. For 6 hours of music and lights, charge the MOVE L3D ahead of time and easily bring it wherever the party is. Plug the BassPULSE into any AC outlet for 5W satellite speaker power and dynamic bass. Play music with any device by simply using the included 3.5mm AUX cord and input on either device. With incredible sound, your party won’t be lacking!

Great For: Parties , Raves , Clubs, Nightlife and More!

Use it With: Apple , Samsung , Motorola , HTC , LG , HP , ASUS , Acer , Google , Microsoft , Sony and more Smartphones, Tablets, MP3 Players, Laptops and Desktops!

Product Features

  • This party lighting and sound system is perfect for parties, raves, clubs and nightlife! Use it with your Apple , Samsung , HTC , LG , HP , ASUS , Acer , Google and More Smartphones , Tablets , MP3 Players and Computers
  • Create a pulsing light show to the beat of the music with the MOVE L3D or BassPULSE
  • Transition through 256 colors using multiple light settings with the Mood Light
  • Play music with any device using the 3.5mm AUX cord with the BassPULSE or MOVE L3D
  • Quality Guaranteed – 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty