This Neon Glow in the dark body paint is an absolute must-have for your next outing, whether you’re headed out clubbing, to a party or concert. !

When viewed in normal light, Neon Glow body paint looks like normal paint. But when you turn out the lights and flip on the blacklight, this body paint takes on an incredible glowing effect that’s certain to be super eye catching. !

They’re all water based and certified non-toxic. !

Neon Glow body paint is durable and long lasting. It’s perfect for creating lots of stunning neon paint jobs and cool blacklight responsive effects, including:

– spatter effects
– tribal patterns
– floral patterns
– painted-on clothing
– face painting designs
– faux glow-in-the-dark tattoos
– animal print designs
– and lots more!

Neon Glow fluorescent paint is safe for use on your body and your face, although it’s not recommended for use on the skin around your eyes.

This neon paint can even be applied to other surfaces, such as clothing, paper and wood. It’s water soluble and doesn’t stain, so you can get super creative with these UV glow paints. Simply wash off with soap and water when you’re done!

This fluorescent blacklight body paint is perfect for the night club, EDM music festivals, concerts, raves, blacklight parties, Halloween celebrations and beyond.

Please note that this neon body paint requires continual exposure to a blacklight in order to glow.

Get your six pack of neon glow in the dark body paint today and create some incredible blacklight friendly designs!

Product Features

  • BRIGHTEST GLOW PAINT YOU HAVE TRIED OR YOUR MONEY BACK! – Just look at what customers say…No more glow paint that leaves you wondering where is the “pop”? Just fire up the UV light and your kids will steal the show at their next glow in the dark outing!
  • WON’T BREAK THE BANK OR MAKE YOU HOLD YOUR NOSE! One of the least expensive glow body paint sets in this marketplace on a per ounce basis. Also, Neon Glow doesn’t contain formaldehyde or other toxic ingredients that produce a foul odor that will have you holding your nose.
  • SAFE & NON-TOXIC!! -Neon Glow Body Paint is ASTMD-4236 certified, which means that you don’t have to worry about the safety of your children or their long-term health when using this product.
  • MAKE YOUR LOVED ONES SMILE FROM EAR TO EAR! Watch your kids as they come up to you and say “Thanks, Mom!” for making their party so special.
  • EASY TO WASH OFF AND DRIES QUICKLY! -When applying Neon Glow it won’t keep you waiting forever for it to dry and when you are done it will come off so easily you won’t believe it! Our customers comment about this all the time.