Don’t settle for any dorky looking knockoffs! Rainbow OPTX are the most stylish and highest quality light diffraction glasses available. Each pair is equipped with amazing light diffraction lenses, without tint, to give you the clearest vision of your surroundings. The Rainbow OPTX logo shows you invested in style, and the multiple color options let you customize to your personality and ensure you don’t look the same as everyone else. They’re great for wearing at concerts with lighting effects, raves, music festivals, burning man, parties, or any time you’re bored and desire a little extra visual stimulation. They are commonly referred to as rainbow glasses, refraction glasses, refractive glasses, fireworks glasses, rave glasses or prism glasses.

Product Features

  • #1 Reviewed Diffraction Glasses!
  • Super Intense Diffraction Grating Lenses
  • Best Quality Durable Plastic Frames
  • Cool Looking Rainbow OPTX Logo
  • Matte Black Looks The Coolest!