Stand bright beside your fellow trick-or-treaters or costume contest competitors with this spooky, illuminating-skeleton costume bundle. Everywhere you go, your halloween night will strobe and dance with a brilliant yet ominous array of colors. This bundle will leave you frightful and safely illuminated. The best of both worlds: scary and safe. This bundle includes a plastic chrome-surfaced, illuminating skull mask and white cotton illuminating bone & joint gloves. Each are described in more detail below. This consume can be completed by a black cloak, or hooded sweatshirt and black slacks/jeans. The mask is made of a sturdy, non-bending plastic which chrome surfacing. It has an elastic adjustable strap that secures around the back of the head. The open eyes and mouth allow adequate ventilation while wearing the mask. The mask does not have a hood that secures to the top or sides. The mask is one size fits all. The fearful visage illuminates via a row of four lights along the scalp (two red and two blue) and two green tubes that run parallel along both temples, the lateral cheeks and meet between the upper and lower teeth. The lights illuminate in six different patterns: Fast Strobe. Slow Strobe Fixed illumination (all lights are on and stay on) Red Flashing Blue flashing Green flashing The gloves are white cotton with grey elastic wrists. They are one size fits all and recommended for anyone older than 10 years old. They are illuminated by thick fiberoptic tubes which which run from the wrist through each finger. The fiber optics tubes represent hand and finger bones and are have little bulbs to represent knuckles. Each finder is a different color and the colors represent are: green, blue, orange, red and white. These light illuminate in six different patterns: Fast Strobe Slow Strobe Fixed illumination Red & Orange flashing Blue & White Flashing Green Flashing This bundle would also perfectly accentuate any light, strobe or rave party!

Product Features

  • Chrome Light Up Mask & While Cotton Light Up Glove Bundle.
  • Stand Bright beside your fellow trick-or-treaters!
  • Perfect with Hooded sweatshirt & black slacks or a cloak.
  • Brightly Illuminate yourself for added safety.
  • Six Different light patterns on both mask & gloves.