Starlight Strands Illuminating Fiber Optic Hair Extensions. Imagine having hair that sparkles and twinkles like the night sky. That’s exactly what you will get when you wear these amazing led light up hair extensions. The Starlight Strands Illuminating Fiber Optic Hair Extensions super small hair clip contains all of it working parts, and is easily hidden underneath your hair so all you see are the brilliant illuminated led hair strands. Each fiber optic hair strand is cut to different lengths so the effect is completely even threw out your hair. The best feature of these light starnd is you can also use them as a hand held rave toy. Just turn them on, hold the clip and rave away! The effects are magnificent! This amazing effect is sure to grab some attention. People will be memorized are your amazing illuminating hair. Simple one touch operation with steady on function means these hair strands are fun & easy to use, just turn them on, clip them to your hair and your you will be twinkling light like the night sky in full color and light. Each Starlight Strands Illuminating Fiber Optic Hair Extension piece is reusable, and the batteries last for hours on end. The batteries are simple to change when the time comes so you are sure to get plenty of use out of your led hair extensions! Starlight Strands Illuminating Fiber Optic Hair Extensions come in three great colors and ship assorted.

Styling illuminating hair strands Illuminating hair strands come in a cascade cut pattern, but they can be arranged in almost any pattern depending on the your hair style. Use your imagination! Caution: Do NOT use a curling iron or hair dryer on Glowbys; HIGH heat will melt the plastic fibers. Also, an overabundance of non-aerosol hairspray may cause the fibers to stick together. However, hairspray can be used to style the Glowbys with your hairstyle.