Compatible: Apple iPhone 6 Rave is the ideal case for the modern day club-goer or the individual that wants to be the life of the party. The Rave is made of a reflective fabric that was designed to get noticed. The incredible shimmer will catch the light and reflect it back for all to see. However, not just a great looking case, the Rave case for the iPhone 6 also features an innovative folding design, allowing it to transform into a kickstand, making it ideal for surfing the web or catching up on the latest viral videos of cats playing chopsticks with chopsticks in landscape mode. The Rave is constructed of a combination of faux leather and thermoplastic polyurethane that fully encases the rear of the iPhone while magnets in the folding design ensure a secure stand. Break away from the mainstream and form your own counter-culture with RAVE. Available in 4 eye-catching colors, RAVE includes an innovative magnetized kick stand, allowing you and your friends to watch the latest music video. RAVE is made for those who live hard and offers the ultimate protection with premium faux Leather and an ultra shock absorbing TPU polymer inner shell. RAVE stands out from the others with its unique reflective fabric. The RAVE case is bound to get you noticed. Features:- Innovative kick stand design- Reflective Fabric- Made with premium PU leather and TPU.

Product Features

  • Innovative kick stand design
  • Reflective Fabric
  • Made with premium PU leather and TPU