We have played with and tested EVERY light-up “necklace” of this type, since the see-thru “clear” style was introduced back in 2005. A few months ago, we stumbled onto one we liked better than any of the others – and here it is! And talk about BRIGHT. It’s like having a light show around your neck! It lights up the room! Sunglasses are advised! Most of these tube “necklaces” have 3, 5, or 6 LEDS in them. THIS one has TWENTY! As in 20!! TWO-ZERO! How they crammed 20 LEDS in a necklace is beyond me, but they DID. We counted! It works in BOTH the CLOSED and OPEN positions! It’s a 12 inch diameter hoop, or a 26 inch long end to end “ROPE LIGHT”! Use your imagination! (I put several stretched end to end on my mountain bike frame!) And wait til you get the reactions from others!…In addition to the incredible TWENTY (20) LEDS jammed in this baby, you’ve got THREE (3) different light patterns to choose from: CHASE, STROBE, BACK and FORTH, and a DEMO of all three! The tube is white opaque so no one knows what’s inside until you POWER it up! The photos I’ve uploaded don’t do it justice. Go to our VIDEO channel on you tube so you can SEE all the stuff we sell – demonstrated and in action! Including this incredible necklace… WHY BUY FROM US? ~~~~ First of all, this 20 LED Necklace is a LOT of BANG for the buck! We also TEST every item before it gets mailed to you. It’s a pain but we don’t want you to get a dud. Believe me folks, almost no other seller does this. I will personally check your item several times before it goes in the box. And no other seller gives EXTRA batteries. But we do. Button cell batteries are expensive but we buy them in bulk so we get a good price on them and share it with you. Order now! And thanks!

Product Features

  • light-weight, 8″ diameter, white frosted flexible “tubing” with an incredible 20 LEDS in blue, red, and green!
  • wear it closed in a loop around your neck as a necklace ~ or on your hat or cap as a band!
  • Battery powered! NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES!
  • 20 LEDS flash, strobe, and chase in 3 different patterns with a push of a button!
  • necklace operates in an OPEN position too! Length end to end is 28″ long! Use it to accent almost anything! SUPER BRIGHT!