The longer you go, the more you’ll glow with this super-cool Twister Rave Skip-It game! Put the hoop on one leg and swing the Skip-It while you hop over it. The colors glow as you skip, and when all 4 colors glow, you’ve made it! With 4 colors and more than 20 light levels, you can light it up to level up with Twister Rave Skip-It!
Twister and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

Product Features

  • Twister Rave Skip-It game is light-up skipping fun
  • Rave Skip-It lights up in 4 colors as you swing it and hop over it
  • Master more than 20 light patterns
  • Keep going or the Skip-It resets
  • Twister Skip-It game unit comes with instructions