Supply category : Spot
Whether to support OEM : stand by
Whether to support the foundry : stand by
Fabric name : Spandex / Lycra
Main fabric composition : Polyester (PET)
Content main fabric components : 70 (%)
Place of origin : Canton
Collection : Made clothing
Num. : 78246
Brand : Guangzhou magenta dress
To apply a gender : Female
Whether the stock : It is
Inventory Type : The entire single
Whether the trade : It is
role play : Gladiator clothing
Processing cycle : 15 days
Revision : Possible revision
Minimum quantity OEM : 500 (pieces)
Worked with brands : Magenta, Ordifen
OEM Objects : Single-processing, Taobao seller, Lynx brand, well-known brands
The main sales channel : Domestic market, Lynx, Taobao, export
Colour : White
Size : Size
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Product Features

  • Cosplay Dress Halloween Party Costumes Custom
  • Scandinavian Princess
  • Cosplay Halloween Fancy Dress Costumes