Yunseller LED Bangle Bracelets are great for all occasions!especially party.

To activate, press the button inside of the bracelet.

These bracelets have a diameter of 2.56 inches. Batteries: 3, AG3. Replaceable, included and installed.Sold 6 per pack,random color.

The multicolor electronic LED flash bracelet is custom made by BeesClover LLC, and BeesClover is an exclusive Brand owned by BeesClover LLC.

Product Features

  • External diameter:8.5cm(3.35″) Internal diameters:6.5cm(2.56″)
  • Replace batteries ( 3*AG3 ), lasts over 10 hours
  • Whorl Color :Violet ,Green ,Pink
  • Bring you an unique night
  • Multicolor Flashing Barette -Rainbow Colors (Alternating Multicolors) , Rave Party Hand Accessories