Zonez diffraction glasses are engineered for maximum light diffraction with the clearest diffraction lens possible. Sturdy, yet flexible frames, solid plastic lenses, and stainless steel hinges provide excellent durability. The microfiber pouch keeps them clean and protected. If you’ve ever bought diffraction glasses with foggy lenses, you’ll be stoked to wear the Zonez.

Looking through diffraction glasses turns your field of vision into a stimulating light display. Any source of light passing through the diffraction lens expands into a spectrum of colors with refraction effects, multiplying light shapes, and rainbow prism visuals. These glasses have a clear diffraction grating lens, while still producing super intense visual effects… almost like double diffraction glasses but with a clear lens.

Zonez are a great rave accessory, but also fun to bust out at parties, festivals, fireworks, light shows… any time you want some cool visuals. Different light sources produce different diffractive effects, so you get a range of crazy light effects. Diffraction glasses are also known as rave glasses, rave shades, prism glasses, party glasses, refraction glasses, rainbow glasses, and EDM glasses.

Zonez diffraction glasses are built to last. If you don’t think our glasses are awesome, we’ll be happy to refund you. We offer a 100% money back guarantee on all purchases.

Product Features

  • MAX DIFFRACTION – Look at any light source to see explosive light diffraction effects
  • CLEAR LENSES – Clearest diffraction lenses available
  • CLASSIC STYLE – Classic wayfarer style looks good on everyone. Standard size for a universal fit
  • FREE MICROFIBER CASE – Includes a high quality microfiber pouch to protect and clean your glasses
  • Great for Light Shows, Raves, Clubs, Concerts, Parties, Fireworks… and any event with interesting lights